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What started out as as just a couple meme pages has scaled into the whole enchilada, now including IRL events, products and more.

Brand Partnerships

We Help Brands Connect With Communities, Online & IRL

  • TrashCanPaul tapped into its' known absurdity and sarcasm to put McDonald's at the forefront of internet culture

  • In this sponsored video series, Bob Does Sports shares hilarious behind-the-scenes moments and bite-size commentary highlighting the lighter side of golf

  • Cheez-It promoted back-to-school confidence with Recess Therapy in a 4-part social series called ‘Puff’d Talks’

  • Paramount Pictures slashed through the clutter, organically positioning the ScreamVI promo in this thematically aligned curated collection of Overheard quotes

  • iRobot's partnership with MiddleClassFancy ignited a viral trend delivering authenticity at scale for the brand

  • ShitHeadSteve helped Duolingo lean into its' funny, playful nature

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    We have over 150,000 of the internet's best clips and user-generated content.  That viral video your friend submitted of their dog dancing the tango...we can license that out to TV shows, FAST channels, OOH networks and other content partners!

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    We believe that creator brands are the future of media, and we've been building them since 'bad luck brian' was a thing.

    At Doing Things, we're founded by creators who've built huge communities across several categories. We know how to build sustainable, fast-growing businesses with creators like us.

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